Sophisticated Investing Advice… Simplified

Bernstein Financial Advisory brings sophisticated investment knowledge to your portfolio.

Helping you utilize your resources to achieve your life goals, as your trusted financial partner.


After a career of serving corporate executives, now we bring that investment experience and value to you and your family.


Bernstein Financial Advisory is your financial wellness partner. Similar to the way you use a trainer to improve your physical health.


Bernstein Financial Advisory builds customized investment and financial plans that are simple to understand, and are backed by sophisticated investment experience.

Investment Management & Advice

Strategic Asset Allocation

Investment jargon

Strategic asset allocation is a portfolio strategy whereby the investor sets target allocations for various asset classes and rebalances the portfolio periodically.

The target allocations are based on factors such as the investor’s risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objectives.

The portfolio is rebalanced when the original allocations deviate significantly from the initial settings due to differing returns.


We will have a conversation with you about your future plans and goals. Specifically, we’ll talk about how you would like to use your money to realize these goals.

Together, we’ll choose investments that match when you may need to withdraw money and how much risk you are comfortable taking.

Investment Optimization

Investment jargon

We balance good long-term returns with investment volatility.

We also optimize these risk-adjusted returns with associated management fees and expenses, as well as their tax efficiency.



Together, we will consider several different factors in order to choose the best investment options for you.

We will balance investment returns, risk, costs, and taxes.

Financial Planning

Designing a plan that gives you the structure to save and invest for your future.

Building A Foundation

Comprehensive financial planning to address short- and long-term goals.

  • Saving for children's education
  • Retirement Planning
  • Starting a business

Comprehensive financial planning is great for building a foundation, helping you to stay focused on your goals, and simply peace of mind to know that you're on track to achieve those goals.


Creating a financially sound plan to help achieve specific goals.

  • Pay off debt
  • Major life events:
    • Wedding
    • Purchasing your first home
  • Dream Vacations

Bernstein Financial Advisory can create a plan as part of a larger comprehensive review or a special project.