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We understand the importance of finding a financial advisor that you connect with and trust. On this site, you will find a mix of articles on a wide array of subject matters. The intent of this blog is to provide relevant and useful information on a variety of subjects related to financial planning and investing.


Additionally, to find an advisor who is right for you, it helps to know more about their interests and hobbies outside of investment and financial planning advice. To that end, you will also find articles here on a variety of other topics. These are intended to be fun, unique, and most importantly, give you a chance to learn more about the folks at Bernstein Financial Advisory.

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What Does a Daily Exercise Streak Have to Do with Financial Advice?

Today is a big milestone for me. You see, 1826 days ago - exactly 5 years - I began a streak of working out every single day without missing a day for any reason. The streak started on March 10, 2016 with the goal of working out every day for 100 consecutive days. After about 50 days, I started to wonder if I could extend the streak to an entire year, and, well, the rest is history.
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Wall Street Sign and the White House

Are Democratic or Republican Presidents Better for Stock Market Performance?

As election news continues to swirl around us, there has never been a better time to recall the old expression that, “presidents get too much blame and too much credit.” This is most certainly true with respect to the economy and financial markets. To be sure, Presidents are certainly one of the factors that can have influence on the business cycle...
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My Favorite Speakeasies in the Twin Cities

With just three short sentences and 107 words, the 18th Amendment to the Constitution established the prohibition of alcohol. Congress then passed a 25-page law to lay out the full details of enforcement. Officially known as the National Prohibition Enforcement Act...
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Snake Oil Still Doesn’t Work, But Discipline Will.

So often in life we want to find the easy way to attain a goal. Whether it is losing weight, getting more fit, or budgeting/managing money more successfully. Dating as far back as the 18th Century, and quite possibly much earlier, snake oil salesmen, and their like, have always been eager to prey on our…
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Should I Care If My Advisor Is a Registered Investment Advisor?

There are three broad fee structures that financial advisors can use to charge clients for their services. They are: -Commissions -Flat fee -Hybrid of the above two Does it really make a difference which of these methods are used by your financial advisor? Let’s start by acknowledging that, just as in life, there are potential…
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Market Timing in the Stock Market Is a Great Way to Lose Money.

Trying to avoid rough patches in the stock market, like we are currently experiencing, is an exercise in futility. It’s not fun; in fact, it can be downright scary to check the value of your investment holdings at a time like this. However, if your investments have been allocated to match your financial situation, over…
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Is Your Investment Portfolio Inoculated Against the Coronavirus?

That’s a catchy title intended to, hopefully, grab your attention. Just as there is no such thing as guaranteed investment returns, there isn’t a great way to protect your investments in the stock market from the short-term roller-coaster ride that happens, when news such as the coronavirus occurs. As humans, we are always looking for…
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